If you want to ride faster, smoother and bust out some sweet new tricks then an upgrade to the Ripstik DLX is a must. You can ride High Mast Lamp faster, farther, more smooth and do more tricks then ever before with the new Ripstik DLX. The DXL rides smoother and faster due to the upgraded ABEC-7 bearings. Riding smooth means riding faster, and more confidently. Take this board to the skate park and you possibilities are endless. Not only can you bust out all your old tricks but now you can grind on rails and curbs as smooth as butter, because the torsion bar spins.

The Professional Ripstik DLX caster board is the next level of caster boards and at this point there is nothing else out there that compares. The DLX takes caster boards to the next level, the professional level. If you catch a small decline there is no saying how far you can grind with the new design. It no longer matters if it is a waxed steal grind bar or a bumpy sidewalk curb, the rolling torsion bar is smooth and takes your tricks to the next level. The main complaint I heard about trying a kick flip on a ripstik is that the board was too heavy. You do not need to worry about a little rock throwing you off your board because the new bearings smooth ride rolls right over the top of them. Not anymore. You will love how smooth and fast it rides, and you will be thrilled at the options the spinning torsion bar presents when trying new tricks. You are not going to slow down as quickly so you can rail slide further. The DLX is the professional version of the standard Ripstik. Some of these improvements are a spinning aluminum torsion bar, lighter weight and ABEC-7 bearings. Not only that, but simply carrying the board around is going to be an easier chore due to its light weight. The fact is that the Ripstik DLX is the fastest caster board there is. Ollying, kick flips, launching off ramps are all going to be easier because of the newer light weight design. It is like kick flipping with a skateboard now.The Ripstik Deluxe DLX is the best caster board to date. If you are in a race against normal ripstik or wave boards they do not have a chance of beating you. The trick that benefits the most is the kick flip. The new DXL is lighter weight then the standard ripstik. The new board includes some incredible new features that will make your riding experience much better. The greatest new feature I want to talk about first and that is the spinning aluminum torsion bar. Compared to the standard ABEC-5 bearings, the new bearings main advantage is the smoothness of the ride. Why does this matter? Well, any trick in which your board leaves the ground is going to be easier. This board is perfect for the serious and great ripstik riders.